Our service

Middle Way’s reputation for exceptional coffee and tea service is built on training skilled baristas and sourcing the finest quality ingredients. Our expert baristas serve with pleasure and craft. Enjoy a cup of art when you order a latte or mocha in one of our heavy porcelain mugs! You may choose from a full range of espresso beverages as well as purchase whole or ground beans for home use. We gladly offer a variety of alternative dairy and organic milk options for your personal preferences. Our tea selection is diverse and vast, with dozens of varieties from which to find the just right cup. And our organic house chai has been a favorite item for years; steamed and steeped to order from organic tea and spices and just a little honey, it is so warm and satisfying. We are thrilled to offer you some of the finest coffees and teas available in Alaska!

Our coffee

We go to K-Bay Caffe in Homer, Alaska, to supply us with the extraordinary organic roasted coffee we serve. K-Bay owner, Michael McGuire roasts organic and ethically sourced coffee from his lovely creekside shop overlooking Kachemak Bay. Drawing inspiration from nature, great ideas, music, human and community potential, and his own compassionate heart, we are honored to work with Michael to bring you ethically sourced coffees of exceptional quality. Cheers K-Bay!

Our tea

Local tea and spice gurus, Summit Spice and Tea Company, have created a wonderful tea menu for us. Their custom blends and delicious varietals are a source of warming, aromatic bliss. It is a pleasure to work with these dedicated folks. Thanks Summit! Our organic chai is from Sattwa Chai, an intentional community of wonderful, peace and health minded, yet business savvy folks in Newberg, Oregon. We have served their delicious chai for over 15 years! Thanks Sattwa!